Our Vision


We don’t believe the Church is another sub-culture, but the making of a new humanity. It’s not a building or a weekend activity, but a people chosen by God for his redemptive purposes in the world, for the joy of all people and the eternal glory of his name. And while we don’t believe the church is an activity or a building — that we are a people — we are a people given to a place.

So we want to take spiritual responsibility for the city where God has settled us. This means that we believe that we're called to live beyond Sunday gatherings and midweek Bible studies, to invest our whole lives in developing deep community with fellow believers in proximity to where we live. We take ownership of the spiritual condition of Waxahachie by bringing the good news of Jesus’ Kingdom to those who are far from God and finding ways to not only love one another, but tangibly love those living nearby through acts of service and stewarding resources for the common good. 

That’s why we want to partner with God in his relentless pursuit to put the world to rights. Our prayer is as Jesus prayed, that God’s will would be done in Waxahachie as it is in Heaven.

We believe that this happens when we declare in word, and demonstrate in deed, the truth and good news that Jesus is King and his Kingdom is come. We consider these truths together by speaking about Gospel Saturation and Kingdom Diffusion.

...the conversion of the nations is not so much a task laid upon the Church as a promise given to the Church.
— Lesslie Newbigin

Gospel Saturation

Soma’s vision is gospel saturation, so that every man, woman and child in Waxahachie has a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed.

In Habakkuk 2:14 the prophet looks forward to a time in human history when the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth like the waters cover the sea. Then, in Matthew 28, Jesus tells us how that’s going to be accomplished. He commissions his disciples to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. So we have a promise (that the earth will be saturated in the knowledge of God’s glory) and we have a mandate (to go and disciple the nations), that makes us, Jesus’ people, the means by which God is accomplishing his promise.

In our desire to take spiritual responsibility for our city we are convinced that gospel saturation and disciple-making is most effectively accomplished by living together in missional community.

 Missional Communities are where we strive to live out the good news of Jesus where we live throughout our city and throughout the week, then gather each Sunday as a collection of missional communities to celebrate what Jesus has done.

...the conversion of the nations is not so much a task laid upon the Church as a promise given to the Church.
— Lesslie Newbigin

Kingdom Diffusion

In the Gospels, Jesus teaches us how his Kingdom will break into the world. He tells his disciples that it’s like a mustard seed, that starts out very small, but grows into a great tree, large enough to provide shade for the birds of the air that perch upon its branches. He says that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a small bit of yeast working its way through a large lump of dough.

Like a mustard plant and yeast, the Kingdom of Heaven is invasive. It aggressively works its way and spreads throughout every environment where it is introduced.

As the Church, we believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is manifest within us and spreads out through us into the material world when we live like Jesus, obedient to do all that he has commanded.

And as Jesus’ people we represent him as an ambassadorial outpost of his Kingdom, colonizing heaven on earth, throughout Waxahachie. With this, we believe that the culture that Jesus’ Kingdom brings will invariably change the culture of our city as it penetrates and is diffused throughout every realm of life.

Where the existing culture is in alignment with God’s will and the ethics of his Kingdom, that goodness will be amplified. Where the culture is more like hell on earth than heaven, the goodness and the light of Jesus’ Kingdom, that we bring as his Church, will drive back the darkness of sin and the brokenness of this world.

As Soma Waxahachie, we join Jesus in the renewal of all things through the hope of the gospel and his Kingdom come. 

No more let sins and sorrows grow.
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found,
Far as the curse is found,
Far as, far as, the curse is found.
— Isaac Watts