Making Waxahachie Look More Like Heaven and Less Like Hell

If all that stuff we say we believe as Christians is true —that Jesus is King and he brought his Kingdom of Heaven with him to this earth— then we ought to expect that wherever the good news of that kingdom goes, that the places where it lands and takes root, over time, begin to look a whole lot more like heaven and a lot less like hell. 

As I look at our city I see lots of evidences of God's grace. People who were far from God have been brought near and now experience the joy of a restored relationship with the Father. I see the blessings of long term obedience to Jesus everywhere I look. Our city is full of stuff like that. But Waxahachie is full of brokenness and fallenness too. I find evidences of the curse everywhere I turn. Things just aren't as they ought to be. You can feel it. And for some, the darkness and brokenness that's here in Waxahachie may lead them to wrongly conclude that someone other than Jesus is sitting on the throne of heaven. 

The thing is, Jesus hasn't just called his church to go and announce the good news of the forgiveness of sin and the arrival of his kingdom to people who are far from God. He's actually called us to go into those dark places in our city and live our lives like we actually believe all that stuff he said about his redemption and kingdom are true. We've been called to proclaim Jesus and his Kingdom, yes! But we've also been called to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to clothe the naked, to liberate the oppressed, and fight injustice like we really believe that stuff can no longer be tolerated with the arrival of our King Jesus and his kingdom.

That's why I want to tell you about my friend Kendrick. Kendrick is an 11 year old kid from the neighborhood who I've been mentoring over the past several months. As I've gotten to know Kendrick I've also gotten to know his family and their story. I'd like you to hear part of their story too. And perhaps together, we can partner with one another as Jesus' disciples to make their situation here in Waxahachie look more like heaven and less like hell.

These are the items that Kendrick and his family need:

Items that have been donate will be indicate as recieved.

  • 2 bunk beds
  • 1 queen sized bed
  • 2 clothes dressers
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator — RECIEVED!
  • Ceiling fan
  • 2 toy boxes and toys for kids
  • Clothes, shoes, sleepwear
    • Kendria — 16 juniors — xl top — 7 women shoe
    • Kendrick — 14 boys pants — large top — 8 men shoe
    • Dequavious — 8 boys pants — medium top — 4 boys shoe
    • Keyidre — 8 boys pants — medium top — 4 shoe
    • Derrian — 6 boys pants — small boy top — 1 in shoe
    • Dermiyah — 5 girls — small top — 13 shoe
    • Kenijah — 3t girl — 7 toddler shoe
    • Subrita — 2t-3t girl — 5 toddler shoe
    • Serenity — 24 months girls — 2 toddler shoe 

If you have other items to donate not listed above or questions, please list them in the comments section below.

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