August 2017 Newsletter

"Geesh...That makes 84. Why would you start another church in Waxahachie?"

That's the response I received when I told Bonnie, the Chair of our Chamber of Commerce, that Soma Waxahachie is a new church.

Yup, we're the 84th church in Waxahachie —with an 85th that's started since that conversation— in a city of only 35,000 people. That's a lot of churches for a city our size. So how do we justify ourselves as another church for such a small town?

In reality Soma is not a new church for our city. First, the church was started in 2001 and we've simply rebooted that old church service with a new name and a new vision. Second, we're not starting a church at all, we're planting the gospel of the Kingdom into the heart of our city and her citizens and leading the church that Jesus decides to build.

The churches in Waxahachie are much the same as the churches in many other cities spread across the southern United States. Ninety percent of them are all vying for the attention of the same 60 percent of the population who identify as Christian. And that's exactly what we are not doing. We have no desire whatsoever to attract Christians from other churches in Waxahachie to our services. We’re not offering a religious product for market share, we’re proclaiming a King and his Kingdom. That doesn’t mean we're doing our church services for that other 40 percent. But we are aggressively trying to evangelize our church family into existence out of that group of neighbors who don’t yet love and follow Jesus.

We don't believe that puts us at odds with the other churches in our city. We want to partner with them and we believe they do a great job of casting out a really bright beam of light across our city on Sundays. But think about how the light from a lighthouse is broadcast to the horizon for a second. The light is brilliant and it goes a really long way out but it will never be bright enough to reach all of the shadowy parts of a city's landscape. There are nooks and crannies and alleys and hedges where that light simply cannot go. And we need a church filled with people who are equipped with lanterns to take the light of the gospel into the everyday normal stuff of life where the light from those lighthouses cannot go. And that's why our city needs a faith family like Soma Waxahachie.

Here's how you can partner with us:

1) Pray that God would continue sending us financial support. With all things remaining the same my full time salary will eat up our savings within the year.

2) We want new disciples and more like minded, gospel-saturated, mission oriented believers to partner with us. Pray that God would give us evangelistic and discipleship opportunities. And pray that those people will mature into disciple-multiplying leaders within our church family.

3) We need a Sunday morning venue for our worship gatherings. We have a fantastic spot now but we’re forced to meet on Sunday nights and presently that seems to be working against us. Please, pray that God provides us space.